Millions of Dollars of Sweepstakes Money Available!
Millions of Dollars of Sweepstakes Money Available!
10 Unbelievably Useful Websites You Need to Know
These websites will make your life easier and more entertaining
1. Clever Layover

These websites will help you find the cheapest flights, solve and math problem, create throwaway email addresses, so you can get those "sign up" promotions over and over again, and so much more. These awesome sites will help you with everyday web related and life tasks!

1. Clever Layover- Finds cheaper flights than any other site by combining two roundtrip tickets. With cheap layovers, see more of the world while saving big. Find more flights when you put together routes flown by non-partner airlines. Purchase your tickets separately for the lowest fares on each segment. Fly to two destinations for the same price as one when you stayover. Our users find savings averaging $200 per trip on one in every three searches. Head to for more information and to start saving now. 

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